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Folding Card Camping Grill


*1. Collapsible grill stove for compact storage and convenient transport with a storage bag included.

*2. Adopt an interlocking structure for easy installation and detachment, you can easily set up a grill charcoal stove in a few steps following the instruction.

*3. Surrounding vents are designed to make it easier to start a fire, and to ensure sufficient oxygen supply to support combustion; There is also designed with a ash drawer for easy cleaning.

*4. Made of stainless steel material, robust, durable, high temperature resistant, and have a long service life.

*5. Ideal must-have for outdoor camping, backpacking, adventures, survival, to grill, boil water, cook, and more functions.


*1. Material: Stainless steel

*2. Stove Size: 210x160x125mm/8.3x6.3x4.9in(installed)

*3. Storage Bag Size: 210x330mm/8.3x13.0in

*4. Use Case: for 1~2 people

*5. Wire Rack Weight: 30g

*6. Combo Weight: 500g(Rack+Stove)

*7. Features: detachable, lightweight and portable, high-temperature resistant material, multipurpose

Package Includes:

1 x Grill Wire Rack + Stove(with storage bag)