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On this piston spreader, the steel pads stay parallel so you can easily press back single piston, dual piston or four piston brake calipers; and the pistons don't bind since they're being kept parallel and pushed straight back into the caliper bore.


MULTIFUNCTION 4-1: Spurtar Brake Caliper Compression Tool is ideal for automotive brake pump adjustment. Works on single piston, dual piston and quad piston, as well as single and twin piston floating calipers

RATCHETING: Automotive brake caliper centrally located ratchet screw creates even force when compressing pistons to ensure proper alignment and to prevent damage to your brake components
360-DEGREE RATCHETING: Ratchet technology of this Brake Caliper Compression Tool provides a 360-degree swing that allows you to keep the compression plates in place while you lever the handle back and forth to spread or retract the plates

EASY TO USE: This brake caliper spreader tool extended reversing lever allows for easy change from spreading to retracting. Cushioned grip handle provides comfortable and easy grip

BUILT TO LAST: Constructed of carbon steel, the ratcheting screw and pad plates are designed for maximum strength and durability, which is an useful tool for automotive replacement brake system parts