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Christmas Table Cloth Set


Color: style1(1 Chair Cover)

  • style1(1 Chair Cover)
  • style1(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style1(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style2(1 Chair Cover)
  • style2(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style2(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style3(1 Chair Cover)
  • style3(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style3(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style4(1 Chair Cover)
  • style4(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style4(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style5(1 Chair Cover)
  • style5(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style5(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style6(1 Chair Cover)
  • style6(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style6(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style7(1 Chair Cover)
  • style7(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style7(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style8(1 Chair Cover)
  • style8(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style8(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style9(1 Chair Cover)
  • style9(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style9(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style10(1 Chair Cover)
  • style10(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style10(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style11(1 Chair Cover)
  • style11(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style11(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style12(1 Chair Cover)
  • style12(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style12(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style13(1 Chair Cover)
  • style13(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style13(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style14(1 Chair Cover)
  • style14(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style14(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style15(1 Chair Cover)
  • style15(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)
  • style15(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style16(1 Chair Cover)
  • style16(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*180CM)
  • style16(Table Cloth Only)(140CM*210CM)

Upgrade Your Dining Room Decor for a Whole New Look in minutes!

Switch up your dining room decor with these sleek and stylish decorative chair slip covers, and transform your dining furniture for a Whole New Look! These protective and decorative chair covers protect chairs from accidental spillage, dirt, and food stains.


Soft Fabric

  • Crafted with high persistence soft polyester spandex yard fabric, machine washable, easy to wash and has no wrinkles.

detial picture

Flexible Covers
  • Convenient to install, the decorative chair covers wide high elastic band, good quality and durable, protecting your chair from slipping.

detial picture

Precise Lining

  • Experienced technicians strictly, control each stitch and ensure that every inch is firm.

detial picture

Perfectly Fit

  • Smooth ultra-high elastic polyurethane fiber fabric, super stretchable for most chair.

detial picture

  • Stretches to fit over the seat and back of most standard banquet and dining chairs. Please measure in advance to ensure the best fit prior to purchase
  • Slides on easily and fits snugly – Sewn-in elastic hems and corner seams ensure a secure fit that stays in place
  • Stain and wrinkle-resistant. Easy to clean and maintain for multiple re-uses
  • Available in many easy-to-match colours and print patterns that are sure to please you!

Product Specifications

  • Made from spandex and polyester
  • Sizing (best suited for chairs in this dimension range)
    • Chair Seat Length: 15" to 19"
    • Chair Seat Width: 15" to 19"
    • Chair Seat Thickness: 1.5" to 4"
    • Chair Back Height: 18" to 24"
    • Chair Back Width: 15" to 19"
  • Sizing (best suited for table in this dimension range)


chair covers



To preserve elasticity, machine wash in cold water and iron at low heat temperature. Do not bleach.

Package Include

  • 1 set of 4 Decorative Chair Covers /6 Decorative Chair Covers and 1 piece of table cloth
style1(1 Chair Cover) - $9.95