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Electric Kitchen Oil Spray Can


Color: Green

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1. Electric supercharging, injection modes: mist injection: directly press the switch.
2. Rotate the nozzle to spray evenly.
3. Sealed design to prevent oil leakage. It is tightly sealed, prevents insects and dusts, and maintains the quality of the oil.
4. USB charging.
5. One-key start, continuous spraying, no need to keep pressing the button.
6. Professional oil control: Compared with traditional oil bottles, it is more professional in oil control.
7. Large bottle mouth: It is more convenient to pour oil.
8. Uniform atomization, atomization of grease, super wide-angle spray.


▲Electric fuel injection bottle to control oil and reduce fat.
▲One key to start continuous fuel injection, no need to press repeatedly, saving time and effort.
▲The atomization size can be adjusted by itself.
▲Electric turbocharger powerfully, fine and high atomization.
▲The nozzle is detachable and can be cleaned.
▲With charging point cable (Type-c plug)


Name: Electric fuel injection bottle
Capacity: 350ml
Material: pc+ABS+PET
Air pressure: 4.6L
Power: 8W
Spray effect: atomization
Battery Type/Capacity: Battery 18650 1200mAh
3 hours of charging, about 40 minutes of battery life
Application: family/restaurant, etc.

Package List:

1* Electric fuel injection bottle
1* USB cable