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Color: Halloween Horror Projector

  • Halloween Horror Projector
  • Christmas Projector

🎃Let Your Family Excited For HALLOWEEN & CHRISTMAS ! The Perfect Treat-or-tricking!

🌈🌈Order now and we can guarantee delivery before HALLOWEEN & CHRISTMAS!🎃🎃

The easy and perfect solution to decorate your home this HALLOWEEN & CHRISTMAS!

Using a projector, you can project horrible scenes on any surface indoors and outdoors. Can make these scenes look realistic and creepy.

AtmosFearFX: Holographic Halloween Decorations

Lifelike: Bring horror into Halloween and make it a reality. The holographic projection has very realistic audio, which can be synchronized with the animation, bringing a more terrifying experience.

Simple Operation: Install the included projection screen securely inside the selected window. Point and freeze the animation on the screen, adjust the focus of the lens, and start playing.

Widely Used: One-button switch is easy to use, you can watch movies with just the push of a button, without complicated settings or installation

Weather Resistance and Safe Use: The product has a built-in temperature protection function, and the working temperature range is between -25°C and 60°C. The rated working time of LED floodlights exceeds several hours.

🎃 Projects high-end optical projection screen videos to the included from within your home.
🎃 Display stunning holiday movies in your window!
🎃 with a tripod, easy to use and set up.
🎃 Perfect for Christmas and Halloween decorations.