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Magic Sofa Covers - Never worry about scratches, spills, or stains again!

Not only functional to protect your furniture from wear and tear, but these amazing covers will also transform an old, worn-out couch into the stunning centre piece of your room!

Do you find yourself constantlyĀ looking for ways to redecorate and liven up your home?Ā Need a quick, easy and affordable way to make an old couch look brand new or a new couch stay new?Ā 

magic sofa cover


Waterproof Magic Sofa Cover

ThisĀ Magic Sofa CoverĀ isĀ stretchy and durable, ensuring bothĀ excellent function and comfort!Ā Protect your new sofa from daily wear and tear, spills and stains, or give your favourite old sofa a new, rejuvenated look instead of buying a completely new one!Ā 


  • SOFA PROTECTOR:Ā A must-have for homes with children and pets, this couch cover protects your furniture from dust, stains, wear, and tear while offering a fresh look. (No matter how your sofa looks or feels now, with our slip cover it will seem like a new sofa!?)
  • SLIP-RESISTANT:Ā The highĀ elastic sofa coversĀ for sofa are flexible, soft, and slip-resistant for long-term comfort. No straps needed to secure this sofa cover in a place as it stays firmly where you want it without moving or shifting!
  • DURABLE AND AFFORDABLE:Ā This Magic Sofa CoverĀ prides itself on affordable elegance that enhances the decor of your home while maintaining quality standards. ThisĀ magic sofa coverĀ offers a combination of top materials and the latest design without sacrificing comfort and durability
  • HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC:Ā Made of high-quality fabric including 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex Jacquard Fabric with small checks, this slip cover has a smooth soft feel and is easy to care for. Instantly improve the look of any sofa in your home with these stretch couch covers!

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How to choose size :Ā 

The magic sofa cover images belowĀ are just an example, it can work also with the otherĀ sofa type.

Please make sure you choose the right size before ordering, you can ask our service team at any time, we will help you make the best choice.

- 1 Seater Sofa :

The distance between the two ends of the sofa isĀ 90-140CMĀ or 35-55 Inch

One Sofa Cover

- 2 Seaters SofaĀ  :Ā 

The distance between the two ends of the sofa isĀ 145-180CMĀ or 57-71 Inch

Two Sofa Cover

- 3 Seaters SofaĀ  :Ā 

The distance between the two ends of the sofa is 185-235CMĀ or 73-93Ā Inch

Three Sofa Cover

- 4 Seaters Sofa :

The distance between the two ends of the sofa is 235-300CMĀ or 93-118 Inch

Four Sofa Cover

- L-Shaped Or Sectional Or Corner Sofa :


How to put it on?Ā 

Slip-Resistant Sizes for:Ā 1seater/2seater/3seater/4seater/L Shape/Sectional/Corner Sofa


color01 / 1 Seater(35-55 inch) - $39.95