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Rotating Arm Rest for Desk


Color: Sliver

  • Sliver
  • Gray
    • Working/gaming/at the computer for long periods of time can cause eye and body fatigue, stiff arms and sore wrists.
    • This Free Rotating Hand Bracket can help you solve the problem of stiff arms and sore wrists brought about by long hours of work/gaming, reduce the pressure and tension on your wrists and forearms, and make typing on the keyboard easy, with the freedom to rotate and stretch at will.


    Main Features

    • Great Office/Gaming Companion
      With this hand rest, it will help you avoid prolonged arm suspension when you are working/gaming and effectively relieve arm and shoulder fatigue.
    • Ergonomic Design
    • It avoids arm suspension and corrects poor sitting posture, and is designed to sit 4 cm below the desk for greater comfort and effective support. The widened and enlarged swivel axis is designed for extended use.
    • Ready For Use
      Easy adjustment in three positions, high and low, with convenient fixing screw holes for parallel or below the table. No need to drill holes, easy to install, just insert directly into the table top, convenient and quick.
    • Safe For Desktop
      A full set of silicone grips protects the table top, which is non-slip and scratch-free and will not harm it.
    • Flexible Multi-angle Rotation
      The chain design allows for free adjustment and the 3 nodes can be rotated 360°, 270° and 180° respectively to suit your comfort.
    • High Quality Materials
      Durable metal stand that retracts to relieve eye strain by lengthening the distance from the screen to the body, with soft surface cushioning on a sturdy ABS pad that takes 90% of the weight off the elbows.
    • Widely Available
      Suitable for heavy computer users, such as IT professionals, designers, office workers, e-sports players, etc.