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Color: Black

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  • CLEAN AIR ENVIRONMENTIt will help eliminate the peculiar smell produced by the leather cushions of new car, smell of sweat on the steering wheel and buttons, smell of second-hand smoke and the toxic gases emitted by cars.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Hang the exhaust fan vent on the auto door glass, avoid leaving gaps in the window. It can be used continuously on rainy days.
  • WEAR RESISTANCE: High-efficiency three-turbine exhaust fan 3,500 rpm. One piece window-mounted, plug-in-free installation line, no damage to the vehicle.
  • ENVIRONMENT: When using Polycrystalline solar panels, no power supply is required to charge the battery. Sunlight can be absorbed by the solar energy and get converted into electricity and make the fan operate, reducing the environmental pollution.

PLEASE NOTE: When using, you need to open the window to keep the air flowing.

  • Voltage12V
  • Item TypeHeating & Fans
  • Item Width1inch
  • Switch TypeRotary Switch