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🔥Summer Hot Sale - 30% Off - 100% Waterproof Chair Seat Covers


Color: 100%Waterproof-beige

  • 100%Waterproof-beige
  • 100%Waterproof-gray
  • 100%Waterproof-dark Gray
  • 100%Waterproof-chocolate
  • 100%Waterproof-black
  • 100%Waterproof-white
  • 100%Waterproof-khaki
  • 100%Waterproof-wine Red
  • 100%Waterproof-navy Blue
  • 100%Waterproof-Argyle-beige
  • 100%Waterproof-Argyle-dark Gray
  • 100%Waterproof-Argyle-khaki
  • 100%Waterproof-Argyle-wine Red
  • 100%Waterproof-Argyle-white
  • 100%Waterproof-Jacquard-beige
  • 100%Waterproof-Jacquard-black
  • 100%Waterproof-Jacquard-chocolate
  • 100%Waterproof-Jacquard-light Gray
  • 100%Waterproof-Leaves-beige
  • 100%Waterproof-Leaves-light Blue
  • 100%Waterproof-Leaves-peacock Blue
  • 100%Waterproof-Leaves-warm Gray
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Do you have these distresses?
  • Your pet scratched your favorite chair.
  • The child splashed oil stains on the chair.
  • The chair cushion is old and you need to spend a lot of money to buy a new chair.

Doottoo chair seat covers can solve these problems for you. It can make your chair look new and protect your chair from harm. A variety of colors are available for you to choose to meet different dining decoration styles.

High Stretchable Fabric

High stretch fabric can fit most dining chairs.

Upgrade Elastic Band

The traditional way of lacing is improved to make the chair cover fit the chair better and the installation is more convenient.

Soft and Comfortable

The long jacquard fabric is soft and comfortable, does not fade, does not ball, and does not see through, which can make your chair look new.

Easy Care

Hand or machine washable. Wash separately in cold water, Using mild laundry detergent. No ironing required.