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Easy Batter Dispenser


✅Precise Amount Control?

✅Easy-Pull Trigger Handle?

✅Food Grade Materials?

Simply pour in your batter of choice and you're well on your way to creating perfectly portioned baked goods & desserts with precision.

PRECISE AMOUNT CONTROL – Control the amount effortlessly! Just press the handle bar gently to get the perfect amount of batter needed.

WITH MEASUREMENT MARKINGS –This dispenser has a product size of 900 mL, making it ideal for making batches of pancakes in one go. It also has measurement markings to keep everything in the correct ratio

EASY PASTRY MAKING –This is a convenient kitchen tool for baking cupcakes, pancakes, waffles, cookies, and muffins.

FOOD GRADED –This dispenser is plastic food graded ensuring its safe usage.